We’ve turned 11: Kraken CEO Jesse Powell discusses how we stood the test of time

“You’d think after 11 years, you could start feeling comfortable with your business, but it has basically been wartime in crypto since day one.” In 2011, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell set out to build a crypto exchange that clients and regulators could trust. Despite headwinds and market uncertainties, Jesse has led Kraken through more than … Read more

Senators Pen Letter On Fidelity’s Bitcoin 401(k) – Bitcoin Magazine

U.S. Senators wrote an open letter to the CEO of Fidelity regarding its bitcoin 401(k) plan. Senators condemned the financial institution for offering bitcoin as an optional retirement investment strategy. The senators also recognize the struggles of Americans trying to save for retirement but can’t seem to understand traditional finance is the problem. An open … Read more

Foundry Launches Bitcoin Miner Logistics Arm – Bitcoin Magazine

Foundry has released a new logistics arm to serve as a one-stop shop for all things related to bitcoin mining infrastructure. Foundry Logistics enables transparent and efficient monitoring of shipments allowing customers to accurately time the market. Foundry also recently launched a one-week course for those looking to become bitcoin mining technicians in New York. … Read more

Crypto Investors Looks More Attractive and Desirable on Dating Apps, Survey Shows

Crypto investors could be more attractive or competitive package in the dating market, a study shows. Investors who have crypto portfolios are seen as more attractive, more desirable, and more intelligent at 50%, 46%, and 42%, respectively, on dating apps, according to a survey by digital asset platform CryptoVantage.  Per the study: “We found … Read more

Tron Filmmaker Donald Kushner Creates Cryptosaurs in Metaverse & NFT Collections

Filmmaker and creator of the classic American tech film Tron, Donald Kushner, and his Gumbotron production team teamed up with Forj, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, to create a new metaverse called Cryptosaurs and launch a related NFT collection. The NFT project Cryptosaurs launched this time is called “the next evolution of dinosaurs”, starting with … Read more