Voltage Offers Easy Inbound Liquidity For Lightning – Bitcoin Magazine

Voltage now offers its users inbound liquidity for Lightning nodes with one click. Voltage will supply 500,000 sats from its main node. The company hopes to expand this offering beyond just Voltage customers. Voltage, a bitcoin infrastructure provider, has released a new and effortless way to find inbound liquidity in order to create a Lightning … Read more

Crypto.com Aims at Expansion in South Korea amid Crypto Meltdown

Singapore-based crypto exchange Crypto.com has been on an expansion drive, with its latest bet being in South Korea, according to Bloomberg.  Crypto.com has revealed the acquisition of South Korean virtual-asset exchange OK-BIT Co. and payment service provider PnLink Co. in line with the country’s Electronic Financial Transaction Act.  Eric Anziani, Crypto.com’s COO, pointed out: … Read more

Dubai Sees Crypto as Stepping Stone Towards Global Tech Hub

Dubai is reaping the dividends of new tech investments because it has laid the grounds for a post-pandemic boom through a business-friendly and low-taxes environment, according to CNBC. The city has become a global tech hub, with crypto being a major catalyst.  Ola Doudin, the co-founder of cryptocurrency platform BitOasis, noted: “We’re definitely seeing … Read more

BORA to Establish Cross Chain with Polygon in expanding Web 3.0 Market: KBW 2022

South Korean-based and blockchain-based content platform operator BORANETWORK (BORA) announced Wednesday to establish a cross-chain with Polygon to expand the global ecosystem and user liquidity contact points. As Korea Blockchain Week (KBW 2022), one of the largest blockchain events in Asia just kicked off on Sunday in Seoul. Over 100 stakeholders from the crypto industry … Read more

Cross chains, beware! deBridge flags attempted phishing attack, suspects Lazarus Group

Cross-chain protocols and Web3 firms continue to be targeted by hacking groups as deBridge Finance unpacks a failed attack that bears the hallmarks of North Korea’s Lazarus Group hackers. deBridge Finance employees received what looked like another ordinary email from co-founder Alex Smirnov on a Friday afternoon. An attachment labeled ‘New Salary Adjustments’ was bound … Read more

Crypto Downturn Hits Luxury Watches Market Sales

Over the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency market has quietly slipped into distress as the world grapples with interest rate hikes and inflation. Housing affordability and cost of living concerns have currently become a priority among consumers. The downward spiral has put economic investors, including those desiring more tangible assets, into a panic mood. The … Read more

Tiffany & Co.’s 250 NFTiffs Sold Out, Generates nearly $13M in Revenue

Passes for physical copies of Tiffany & Co.’s debut 250 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were sold out in about 20 minutes last Friday for 30 ether (ETH) each or about $50,000. The sale generated around $12.5 million in revenue for the American luxury jewellery retailer. Titled “NFTiffs”, these digital tokens are exclusive to CryptoPunk NFT holders … Read more

Luxury Car Purchases by Crypto Doubled to $12m in 2021, Says AutoCoinCars Executive

AutoCoinCars, an online platform that lets buyers purchase luxury cars with digital money, has seen sales on its platform double to $12 million in the past year. AutoCoinCars is a UK-based firm that allows customers to buy and sell cars online with Bitcoin. Launched in 2018, AutoCoinCars has created a platform that enables customers to … Read more

Layer-2 scaling will make crypto payments ‘make sense’ again — KBW 2022

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has argued that crypto payments will once again “make sense” as transaction costs will soon fall to fractions of a cent due to layer-2 rollups. The Cointelegraph team currently on the ground at Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) quoted Buterin as stating that the final hurdle to getting transactions down to fractions of … Read more

CZ Eyeing Monaco for Expanding Binance after Meeting with Official

Binance’s co-founder and Chief Executive Offer, Changpemet been meeting with several government officials over the past few months. The meetings have moved to Monaco, where he met with a key government official, Frédéric Genta. From his antecedents, a visit or collaboration with a major government, government representative, or official is always followed by Binance’s planning of … Read more