It’s a go! Uniswap Foundation becomes reality after 86M votes in favor

The $74 million plan by two former Uniswap Lab executives for a new Uniswap Foundation has just become reality after their proposal received over 99% of the votes from UNI token holders. According to the initial proposal, the foundation aims to streamline Uniswap’s Grant Program (UPG) and reduce friction in the protocol’s governance system.  Former … Read more

Kenanga Investment Bank Collaborates with Ant Group to Launch Crypto-based Applications

Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, a major investment bank in Malaysia, on Wednesday announced its plans to launch a crypto-friendly wallet and trading application. Reportedly, it is planning to launch the app in early 2023. Kenanga said it has partnered with China’s tech giant Ant Group to enable the launch of Malaysia’s first “SuperApp,” which will … Read more

Tether Says Will Not Block Tornado Cash until it is Directed by Authorities

The broader cryptocurrency industry is subtly pushing back against the sanctions on Tornado Cash by the United States Treasury Department for facilitating the transaction of illicit funds. In a new report by the Washington Post, USDT issuer, Tether has affirmed it will not be blockchain addresses linked to Tornado Cash unless explicitly asked to do … Read more