Blockstream Partners with Sevenlabs and Poseidon Group to Launch Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange

Cryptocurrency infrastructure service providers Blockstream, Sevenlabs, and Poseidon Group have partnered to launch XDEX, a decentralized exchange for bitcoin and securities assets, in Switzerland, according to Nasdaq. The exchange will support peer-to-peer trading within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including bitcoin, stablecoins, and other bitcoin-related assets such as Liquid, a second-tier application that extends bitcoin. Users can … Read more

Coinbase Cloud Adds Solana Archive Node

Blockchain infrastructure protocol Coinbase Cloud launches Solana Archive Node to help developers build better products and services on Solana. Coinbase Cloud provides Web3 APIs, services, and blockchain infrastructure to power the next generation of software builders including data access, staking, payments, trade and exchange, identity, and more This is the first expansion of Coinbase Cloud’s … Read more

BlackRock Bitcoin Private Trust to Be Benchmarked by Kraken’s CF Benchmarks Bitcoin Index

The world’s largest investment management firm BlackRock’s Bitcoin Private Trust will use the Kraken subsidiary CF Benchmarks Bitcoin Index as a benchmark for issuance, The Block reported. Last month, BlackRock partnered with Coinbase to provide its institutional clients with cryptocurrency trading services. A few days later, the company announced the launch of the Bitcoin Private Trust, a … Read more

Elon Musk-crypto video played on S. Korean govt’s hacked YouTube channel

A YouTube channel owned by the government of South Korea was reportedly hacked and renamed SpaceX Invest, following which the channel uploaded fabricated videos of Elon Musk discussing cryptocurrencies. On Sept 3, the South Korean government’s YouTube channel was momentarily hacked and renamed for sharing live broadcasts of crypto-related videos. However, the account was soon … Read more

FIFA Launches Digital Collectibles Platform in Collaboration With Algorand

The global sports governing body of football, FIFA has launched a virtual assets platform dubbed FIFA+ Collect in partnership with Algorand Blockchain. According to the announcement, FIFA is taking the new development to democratize the accessibility of its fans to the captured moments of the “FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup™” in virtual … Read more

Money And Alternative Roles For Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Taimur Ahmad, a graduate student at Stanford University, focusing on energy, environmental policy and international politics. Author’s note: This is the first part of a three-part publication. Part 1 introduces the Bitcoin standard and assesses Bitcoin as an inflation hedge, going deeper into the concept of inflation. Part 2 … Read more

How Lightning Could Enable Decentralized – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Kishin Kato, the founder of Trustless Services K.K., a Japanese company focused mainly on Lightning Network research and development. This is the third article based on the content of the “Understanding Lightning” report produced by the Diamond Hands community, the largest Lightning Network community in Japan. The report aims … Read more