River Purchases 3,000 Miners For Hosted Services – Bitcoin Magazine

River has purchased 3,000 miners expanding its hosting services. The company has thousands more miners scheduled for deployment this year. The majority of the purchased miners will be powered by a wind farm in West Texas. River, a bitcoin-focused fintech company, has purchased 3,000 application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners which will mostly be wind-powered in … Read more

China Back Among Top 10 Crypto-Using Countries – Bitcoin Magazine

China is back among the countries with the highest level of bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption in the world. The findings come from a new Chainalysis report that details the adoption levels of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies per country. Vietnam leads the world in overall adoption, while India has the highest number of centralized purchases. Blockchain analytics … Read more

‘Market will decide’ on post-Merge Ethereum ETPs, says crypto executive

The Ethereum Merge is set to be one of the biggest events in the cryptocurrency industry, potentially affecting many related firms and services, and Ethereum-based exchange-traded products (ETPs) are no exception. ETC Group, a major European crypto ETP issuer, has decided to expand its current Ethereum ETP offering by launching one more Ethereum investment product. … Read more

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Denounces Cryptos as Escape from Inflation

Canada Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has said that investing in cryptocurrencies to avoid inflation is an act of irresponsible leadership. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern over the years that he has done everything he can to work with all MPs to create responsible leadership for Canadians and condemn questionable and reckless economic … Read more

Fetch.ai Enhances Web3 Adoption after Onboarding 40,000 New Users

Fetch.ai’s ambition to a Web3-driven digital economy gained steam after onboarding 40,000 unique and active users from Get My Slice (GMS), a leading consumer-centred data marketplace. As a machine learning-based blockchain platform, Fetch.ai has been deploying Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA) to automate any industry for enhanced productivity. Therefore, its latest quest for Web3 exploration will … Read more

North Island Ventures to Invest $125m in 30 to 40 Emerging Crypto Firms

North Island Ventures said in a statement that it is launching a new $125 million investment fund to execute 30 to 40 early-stage investments in emerging crypto and Web3 companies and protocols. The crypto-focused investment firm added that initial investments would range from $250,000 and $3 million. “We launched NIV in 2020 based on our … Read more

Companies Track Transactions, Bitcoin Privacy Is Important – Bitcoin Magazine

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1260: “They’re using debit and credit card purchases to make lists.” Sign up for the newsletter here. Jewish population in Europe – note prepared for the Wannsee conference. (Source) via Reuters Nothing highlights the need for bitcoin more poignantly than attacks on transactional privacy. Last … Read more